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Sustainable Partnership

Our persistant  personal contacts and constructive dialogue with all our partners has built a substantial trust with suppliers and clients alike, which you can rely on when placing your business. Our desirable range of contacts can help you place your groups in the best locations based on your needs, and our buying power gives you unique experiences to suit all budgets.

Our success has been built on supplying well-established partnerships with our customers. Our ever increasing number of groups handled annually is testimony to the success of our approach.  

We worked with a number of tour operators the last 2019 and 2020 from the UK, Finland, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Portugal to promote responsible tourism in Algeria.

1/ OLYMPIA Air Travel Ltd  

olympia kaukomatkatoimisto logo

The company was established in 1952, after the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki. Business idea of arranging guided long-haul package tours was born from Eero Julin’s desire to take Finns to exotic places like North Korea, Albania and India, where at that time hardly anyone travelled because it was almost impossible to get there.

2/ LUPINE Travel 

Lupine Travel logo

Are a UK tour company, founded in 2008 and specialising in unique destinations and travel ideas but bringing them to you at affordable prices.


Young pioneers group logo

Specialise in taking you to North Korea and other worldwide “destinations your mother would rather you stay away from” at budget prices.


SAC International logo

SAC International is the historical agency of Bra. The travel agency SAC International organizes magnificent trips to every part of the world.

5/ Antonina Turizm

Antonina Turizm

For 23 years, we have been providing our guests with discovery-packed trips around the world, while at the same time creating content with our experts on history, culture and art.

6/ CK NOVA Znojmo

CK Nova Znojmo

NOVA travel agency has been on the market since 1990. They organize sightseeing tours not only in Europe, but also exotic trips. They currently have in their portfolio almost 100 countries of the world, to which they have organized and realized their tours.

7/ Tryvel - Groups & Incentives

Tryvel - Groups & Incentives

Tryvel is made up of a group of professionals used to the highest competition and with a high degree of demand and non-conformity.

8/ Prestige Tours & Incentive


For over 15 years, they have been one of the leading exotic travel tour operators operating on the Polish tourist market. The seat of the Prestige office is in Krakow. 

9/ Dünya Değişmeden Keşfet

Dünya Değişmeden Keşfet logo

Is a professional tourism agency serving those who want to travel in the spirit of traveler with experience-oriented organized trips.

Let's Work Together

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