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There are a few rules to follow to ease your way into Algeria that often have vastly different culture than you might be used to at home. Please try to follow these rules and tips, and you'll be in for one life-changing experience.

Dress modestly

As you pack your vacation wardrobe, think conservative over revealing and flashy. Women's clothing is considered indecent if it's too short tight or transparent, while men should never walk around without a shirt on. Dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention and respect the Muslim culture.


Ask permission before taking pictures

Never take a picture of or with a stranger without their permission unless you're taking a scenic shot in a major touristy area. But never take a picture of a Muslim woman without her permission, and don't take photos of any government buildings, airports, military installations, etc.


Should you tip?

Tipping isn't really expected in Algeria, but it's a common practice. Most restaurants will add a tip to your bill. Taxi drivers don't expect to receive a tip.

Verser un coup

Be careful where you consume alcohol

Alcohol is legal in Algeria; however, you can't drink in public as public drunkenness and drinking and driving are prohibited. Also, you can't buy alcohol for your own use without a permit, and you have to buy it from an establishment that has a license. Purchasing drinking at a hotel or bar is no problem, just don't try and leave drunk. 

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