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The Radiant City 






 輝くという意味の市庁舎"El Bahia(エル バヒア)" は中世にムーア人のアンダルシアの商人によって設立され、その後スペイン人、トルコ人、フランス人によって占拠されました。








After breakfast, you will meet your guide in the hotel's lobby at 9h00.

We drive up to the hilltop about 400 meters to visit the Fort of Santa Cruz and from this vantage point you can have a magnificent panoramic view of the beautiful bay and the city altogether.

Then we continue our visit to the Ksar of Ghardaia , also called the pearl of the oases and the capital of the M'zab Valley organized around a hill. where yu are going to see a great mosque which is considered to be the central and focal point around which all the other elements of religious and worldly life are articulated.

After the tour we take lunch at a local restaurant where you are going to taste the traditional cuisine in a place decorated with Ghardaian hand-made tapestry.

With the batteries recharged, we are going straight to the fortified city of Beni Isguen, the most enigmatic of all the M'Zab cities, where you can navigate your way through the narrow maze-like streets with numerous wells through archways and passageways to a small whitewashed old building and also visit the extreme watchtower to have a fantastic view of the town.

We finish our tour by visiting the local liveliest market place of Beni Isguen. The market square of Criée is far from the city center and is located on the outskirts of Ksar. It's the best place where you can buy goods and souvenirs. This place opens daily just after the "Asr" prayer except on Fridays.


Return back to the hotel. 




  • ビザサポートと招待状

  • すべての移動

  • 専門の英語話者ガイド

  • すべての入場料

所要時間 :  7 〜 8 時間

ホテル: 3★, 4★, 5★ オプション


  • この旅程は固定されたものではなく、選択することができます。皆様のリクエストにお応えして様々なプログラムを作ることができます。

  • ​ツアーは現地の状況に応じて変更することがございます。


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